How Do I Sign Up For My Own OrbitDesk System?

Getting started with OrbitDesk is easy and painless to try.

At the OrbitDesk homepage and click the "Get Started" link in the top menu.

Use the "Select and Register Your Subdomain" form to select an address (or subdomain) for your site. It will be something like "" - with the https in front of it of course. This is where your customers and clients will access your OrbitDesk Help System.

Follow the "Sign Up" instructions there to create your OrbitDesk.In summary, enter your desired subdomain on the right, and edit till the text turns "green" indicating you have a valid subdomain. Click "Check" to see if it is available (repeat these two steps as needed).

When you find an "available valid" subdomain, enter the Admin email for your new OrbitDesk, and click "Register Site". Your new OrbitDesk will be set up, and your Admin login information will show up in the green box, and will also be emailed to you.

Copy this information in case there is an issue with the email.

Depending on the current promotions available, you will have between 24 hours, and some period of days to purchase and enter a license for your system. This can be done from inside your Admin area, or at the "Enter Key" prompt at the Login page if setup is expired.

NOTE: You must license your OrbitDesk by entering a valid key during the "free" or "setup" period or Admin and Agent access will be blocked till a key is entered until you enter a key at the Login page.

Your OrbitDesk Site will be "Live" and ready for you to customize in moments, but be sure to grab a license if you don't already have one.

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